Photographs, Slides and Negatives

Converting and Restoring your Photographs, Slides and Negatives

Memories Studios don’t just scan your images. We scan them at a high resolution before putting each image through a colour, tone, contrast and sharpness correction process. We manipulate every image to overcome common problems and we bring your images back to life in a digital format. We can also arrange printing, framing and block mounting for those special images that you want to see every day or share with family and friends.

Most people have scanned their own photographs and they know how time consuming it is. The majority of home scanners will produce a low resolution copy of your original image. Our scanning equipment produces a high resolution result using “Ice” Technology which performs a colour and blemish correction during the scanning process. Our team then use Photoshop to ensure further improvement on every individual image.

Our scanning equipment also comes with the capability to scan your negatives and your slides using purpose built guides. A magnetic cleaning cloth and cotton gloves are used to ensure that the source image remains clear of any dust and we scan your image using the same “Ice” Technology. We produce a 1200dpi scan of each image which our team diligently takes through a detailed correction process in Photoshop to produce a lasting memory that usually looks like it was taken yesterday. If you are after a customised scan at a higher resolution, we can also offer this service with a surcharge fee that is relevant to your needs.

Occasionally, some images have become badly damaged and when this is the case, we will discuss our photo restoration services and options with you.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a Moment until it becomes a Memory!

Don’t let your memories fade away. Call us today – (02 9686 1699) or email

Thank you so much for converting our tapes to DVD! They are professional and catalogued perfectly. We also appreciate you having them ready so quickly. We wish we had done it years ago, the memories are truly priceless :)…

Matt and Janette Film and Tape to Disc

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