8mm and 16mm Film to Disc

Converting your 8mm and 16mm Film to DVD

We take your precious film and carefully check each foot prior to starting the job. We clean and condition the film and repair any bad splices or breaks in the film prior to starting.

We use professional quality video cameras and a high end telecine projector to capture your film as it passes the lighting gate on the projector.  Our projectors are of the highest quality and are regularly maintained and serviced. All projection light is based upon cool, safe LED lighting and does not use any heat which prevents the risk of damage to your film.

As this is happening, our technician is monitoring the original film and making adjustments and corrections wherever possible. Unfortunately we can’t fix bad camera work and we do not want to decide the importance of your memories, therefore we will leave all footage that may have significance to you on the DVD as it may be the only footage you have of friends and relatives from many years ago.

Memories Studios understands that there is high end technology that can reproduce your film almost as if it was shot yesterday. This equipment is very expensive and the demand for these conversions is not extensive. What we are offering is a very good quality reproduction of what is captured from your reels without any significant editing or adjusting. Importantly, you can be sure that we will capture you memories and offer you pricing that is very affordable in today’s market.  It does not matter where you are, we can help you. You can visit our studio or call us to discuss our postage options.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a Moment until it becomes a Memory.

Call us today – 02 9686 1699 or email info@memoriesstudios.com.au

Thank you so much for converting our tapes to DVD! They are professional and catalogued perfectly. We also appreciate you having them ready so quickly. We wish we had done it years ago, the memories are truly priceless :)…

Matt and Janette Film and Tape to Disc

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