Audio Cassettes to Disc

How to convert Audio Tapes to CD or DVD

When converting audio tapes and cassettes to CD or DVD, it is important to have a high quality playing device available to play the source material. Similarly, if you are converting reel to reel audio tapes, you will need a good quality, variable speed tape player with output facilities to your computer or capture device.

Our audio equipment is of a high quality and is regularly serviced. We can capture almost all forms or audio media and convert them to CD or to digital mp3 files. Our audio conversions are carefully checked from start to finish and we include some basic editing in our pricing. The output includes song separation, audio balancing and sound improvement including equalisation where necessary. All of our audio conversions are carefully filtered prior to handing them back to you so that we can ensure that the quality is good as it possibly can be.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Don’t let time or tape deterioration destroy those precious moments. Call us today – 02 9686 1699 or email

Thank you so much for converting our tapes to DVD! They are professional and catalogued perfectly. We also appreciate you having them ready so quickly. We wish we had done it years ago, the memories are truly priceless :)…

Matt and Janette Film and Tape to Disc

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